Network Membership enhances learning and expands the leadership landscape with highly competent strategic leaders!

Member Benefits

Members gain access to the Network Portal and get online training and webinars and support and learning reinforcements to ensure workplace application and a return on intelligence (ROI).

The Strategic Leadership Network provides workshops and learning events, research and thought leadership and proven curricula to help you elevate yourself, your team and your organization. Here's how you benefit...

Workshops and Conferences

Buy 1/Bring 1 for Free! Receive one (1) free registration pass with the purchase of one (1) at regular price to bring a colleague or friend to event with you.

Post-Training Executive Coaching

One-on-one follow-up meeting after successfully completing Network training with goal to reinforce learning transfer and assist with workplace application.

eLearning - Online Courses & Webinars

Invitation to attend one quarterly online course and/or webinar for free – attend up to four (4) per year. Periodic podcasts.

Network with Strategic Leaders!

Boost performance and professional portfolio by networking with a cadre of accomplished thinkers, practitioners, executives and leaders

ExpertSheets, Insights & White Papers

Get in-depth, monthly publications of professional advisory and reference guides with a focus on one or more strategic leadership competency areas.

Strategic Insights eMagazine

Receive your copy of the annual e-magazine – a publication of current research, featured articles and advice.

Download Links

Get free download links to print and use exclusive material – documents, methodologies and templates.

VIP Member Seating

Get your pick of the best seat in the house during workshop/event attendance (first-come, first-serve).

The Network Portal

A fully stocked repository of thought leadership articles/materials and the Blog with insights on organizational and career challenges/success.

Registration Savings

Receive special “member-only” savings for when you register for training and other events.

Track and Manage Learning in LMS

Using the Network’s learning management system (LMS), easily track and manage education/training.

Strategic Leadership Certification

Option to earn the “Certified Strategic Leadership” (CSL) credential which denotes competence and expertise in this field. Members get a program registration discount.

Best-In-Class Education Curricula

Your learning foundation is grounded in proven methodologies and has been highly rated and requested by universities and executives.

Recommended Reading List

Stay Ahead! Receive Network’s annual recommended reading list for executives and strategic leaders.

Peer Nominations & Professional Honors

Opportunity to publicly recognize another or be recognized as a top-performing strategic leader!

Virtual Roundtable Discussions

Lean in and add your voice to ARVoices. Help to shape the future of Network programs and research.

Network Speakers

Facilitate a workshop! Contribute your expertise as a speaker for one or more workshops or conferences (selective process).

Network Authors

Share your solutions! Contribute your expertise as an author for one or more publications or the blog (selective process).

Choose Your Membership Level

We operate within a core system of values that dictate
a drive to remain accountable, deliver results and
demonstrate value for each Network Member.

Compare the Differences and Join In Today!

Membership is not required for you to register for regular, in-person workshops, but it is a benefit to doing so.

Professional Member Level

 The best option If you don’t plan to register for any in-person, classroom workshops throughout the year.

If you want access to the fully stocked repository of strategic leadership thought leadership articles expertise, templates and methods and prefer online courses and webinars, this is the level for you. Note: the free executive coaching and free workshop registration passes are not included at this level).

Premier Member Level

 The best option If you do plan to register for at least one (1) in-person, classroom workshop throughout the year.

If you want access to the fully stocked repository of strategic leadership thought leadership articles expertise, templates and methods and want to balance your learning with a mix of online courses and webinars as well as at least one (1) in-person classroom workshop throughout the year, this level is for you. Note: both the executive coaching and free workshop registration passes are included with this level.