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We specialize in Strategic Leadership and provide training solutions, workplace application reinforcements and thought leadership to increase competence in these 12 learning areas.

  • Strategic Leadership

  • Ethical Leadership & Decision Making

  • Organizational Culture

  • Performance Metrics, Measurement and Systems

  • Governance and Policy

  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

  • Financial Management

  • Strategy (full spectrum - thinking, planning, executing)

  • Organization Development

  • Change Management & Organizational Transitions

  • Strategic Human Resources

  • Human Capital Management & Talent Development


Strategic Leadership is

the core competency that distinguishes high-performing executives and leaders from everyone else! We define it as effectively exploring, deciphering, and interpreting variables and concepts for achieving organizational excellence, anticipating and responding to change, and aligning organizational systems, processes, cultures, and people. More...

Certified Strategic Leader Credential
Strategic Leadership Certification

Certification Is Here!

Demonstrate your excellence and commitment to strategic leadership by becoming a Certified Strategic Leader! Complete the comprehensive and proven one-year program with nine core competences, an exam and a capstone deliverable and you can be among the first to earn this solid credential.  More...

We do it differently so you can do it better! Here is a sampling of what we're told by those who have experienced us first hand.

  • "As an executive, I have had my pick of some of the best consultants and trainers out there. The way you brought my team together surpassed them."  - Corporate Executive

  • "Our faculty was impressed with those leadership and conflict management seminars. Can you come back?" - Higher Education Dean

  • "I have seen marked improvements in staff performance. The accountabilities you helped us establish made all the difference. - Nonprofit Supervisor

  • "By far this was the most in-depth and comprehensive strategy development and implementation project I have ever done."  - State Government Director

  • "Wow - I never expected this. I am registering my entire leadership team for the succession and performance management workshops."  - County HR Director

  • "Your sound focus and guidance were indispensable in helping us realign our structure and divisions. I can't thank you enough."  - Higher Education Executive

  • "This is superior quality. The management and follow up you provide on this internal accounting and finance project is above the rest."  - Public School Superintendent

  • "The level of focus and strategic thinking you brought to this realignment challenge guided me well in my decisions, and the team was more engaged than I could have imagined."  - Executive Dean, Higher Education Nursing School

  • "In all my years of learning, I have never had an organizational design model put quite so clearly and with such innovative thinking. Thank You!"  - Fortune 500 Senior VP


Workshops and Training

Our workshops and training seminars cover the full spectrum of strategic leadership and provide real-world and just-in-time solutions to organizational, performance and leadership challenges! With an experiential learning experience, we help leaders and executives like you elevate yourself, your teams and your organization.  Register for a session today!

Strategic Leadership Workshops and Training Programs
16 Reasons to Join the Strategic Leadership Network

16 Reasons to Say Yes

to Network Membership which is designed to significantly enhance learning and expand the leadership landscape with highly competent strategic leaders! Members gain access to the Network Portal and get online training and webinars and support and learning reinforcements to ensure workplace application and a return on intelligence (ROI).  More...

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