This page is under development, but here are some basic details for now…

We are currently recruiting new advisory board members.  ARVoices Strategic Leadership Network is guided and assisted by expertise and insights from a 12-member Advisory Board.  The advisory board members serve two-year terms from January 2015 through December 2016.  The primary role of the advisory board is to help lead the Network and provide counsel and advise with Network Chair, Terina Allen.

We have vacancies for six board members and will be uploading the application here by December 10, 2015, for new terms to begin February 2015.  The advisory board positions are volunteer and require a time commitment of approximately twelve (12) hours per quarter or forty-eight (48) hours per year.

Again, the application, responsibilities and benefits will be uploaded here by November 10, and we will select the new advisory board members by February 5, 2015.

Also, all advisory board member bios and photos will be here as well.

Thank you for your interest.  If you are interested in serving as an advisory board member, please check back here for details.



Terina Allen
Chair, ARVoices Strategic Leadership Network
President & CEO, ARVis Institute