The Power of Choice – 10 Greatest Motivational Techniques for High Performance

The Power of Choice –

10 Greatest Motivational Techniques for High Performance

We build high-performing organizations with high-performing people.  High performers are motivated to deliver for themselves and their companies.  Based on our experiences, this list reflects what the top performers do to motivate themselves.  These techniques lead to personal, professional, and organizational success.  Which techniques do you apply?  Which do need to start doing?

  1. Show up in your life and accomplish something, anything.  Accomplishment leads to more accomplishment and success leads to more success.
  2. Put one foot in front of the other.  The hardest part many times is just starting.
  3. Reflect on what outcomes you want to achieve, and set some corresponding intermediate goals.  Change your behavior to achieve your goals, and celebrate after each accomplishment.
  4. Create a personal and professional mission statement and direct all your energies to realizing that mission.  When choices/decisions are not in alignment, course correct immediately.
  5. Be aware of language and word choice and work to remove/eliminate negative and victim language/words from your vocabulary.
  6. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people who regularly overcome obstacles and accomplish goals.
  7. Challenge yourself to move outside your comfort zone.  Growth lies in challenge.  You should rest in your comfort zone but strive to live outside of it.
  8. Luck is about preparation meeting opportunity so be ever diligent in your
    preparation efforts.  Commit to life-long learning and professional development and seize the opportunities when they come.
  9. Be disciplined, be consistent, be focused.  Goal achievement is what the most disciplined, consistent, and focused people experience.
  10. Read, sing, and dance – when you feel like it and especially when you don’t.  You can only pull it out if you have already put it in (spend time putting in inspiring, uplifting, and validating information).

You tell us – Which techniques work best for you?  Your team?


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