Are You an Effective Leader? Use these 10 questions & 360-feedback guidance to find out now.

Leadership is not about titles. It is not about seniority. It is not about status, and it is not about management. Leadership is about power (varying sources of power) and the ability to know when and how to use it to influence the people around us to do and become more!

If you are deemed an effective leader, it will be because those you lead believe it so.

Your team’s or employees’ needs will trump any preferences of inclinations you have for a preferred leadership style.

Varying workplace situations require different leadership styles and behaviors to be applied as appropriate. But it is more important that leaders appreciate and understand that we have a real responsibility to flex between various leadership styles so as to be responsive to different situations and develop those who work for and with us and who place their trust in us.

No leader will experience sustained success and support without developing and maintaining relationships or without meeting the needs of those they lead.  Regardless of any preferred leadership style, effective leadership occurs when we as leaders not only get organizational results, but when we build trust, develop competence and confidence, and transfer learning, understanding, and value to those who work for and with us.

The following ten (10) sets of questions and 360-feedback guidance will help you determine the answer.

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