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For group sizes larger than ten (10), call (800) 901-1680 or email info@arvoices.com.

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Global Strategic Leadership SummitWhere Thought Leadership & Strategic Thinking Connect!You and Your Team are Invited to Join In!

We're Gearing up for 2019. Are You?

Join In with an Extraordinary Cadre of Thought Leaders, Strategic Thinkers, Business Executives and Academics.

3 Days Learning & Networking

Keynote Speakers & Executive Panel

8 Master-Class Workshops

36 Breakout Sessions

If you want serious answers, strategies, methodologies and tools for questions like these, you should attend.

This event is for high-performing strategic leaders and executives who focus on ROI - Both a Return On Investment and Return on Intelligence.

Where Thought Leadership and Strategic Thinking Connect!

It is my pleasure to invite you

to the upcoming 2019 Global Strategic Leadership Summit at the spectacular Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in the Washington, D.C., Metro Area. We are changing the game and expanding the strategic leadership landscape. This is where thought leaders and strategic thinkers add their voices and expertise for meaningful sharing, learning and networking and focus on accountability, results and value for themselves and their organizations.

Attendance demonstrates your commitment

to your own and your team’s professional development and growth and reflects your ongoing desire to build collaborations with some of the brightest leaders and executives from around the world, to share and learn the most innovative techniques designed to tackle the challenges that we face in today’s markets and organizations and to keep growing.

This learning & networking event is superior and

designed with you and your challenges in mind. All of the speakers for this event are phenomenal! We have invited only highly accomplished senior level executives, leaders or consultants who work with senior level executives to present and facilitate at this event. Each speaker brings a level of credibility and hands-on experience dealing with the challenges and issues that our attendees deal with. You can check out the caliber of speakers on the website and in the Summit program.

The Global Strategic Leadership Summit falls under the auspices of ARVis Institute (an organization that has been serving leaders and executives across the globe for nearly eight years). We support and host this focused learning and networking event as demonstration of our effort to advance the leadership landscape and elevate strategic thinkers to accomplish organizational goals. Summit attendees will be able to immerse themselves in a network of knowledge, learning opportunities and high-performing leaders.

By attending the Summit

you will be the difference within your team and will be better prepared to implement strategic changes that will move your organization forward. This event will catapult your leadership abilities to new heights as you learn from our distinguished speakers and network with other strategic leaders to discuss the best strategic leadership practices for organizational excellence.

If you have any questions, check out the "FAQ" section of the website, contact us via the "Form" on the Contact Us page, or call me or a member of the Strategic Leadership Summit Committee directly at (800) 901-1680.

Here’s to surrounding ourselves with greatness. I, as well as the team of committee members and industry experts and speakers, look forward to meeting you at the Summit!

Terina Allen
Chair, ARVoices Strategic Leadership Network
CEO, ARVis Institute

I welcome a connection with you now as well. Are you on LinkedIn? If so, connect with me there, and when we meet at the Summit, we'll be expanding an already established connection.

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Own Your Power! - Join Several Hundred Global Leaders and Decision Makers

So Far, Attendees from five (5) Different Countries Will Be Here. Where Will You Be?

Who's Invited?

  • We'd like to see you and your colleagues! Take advantage of group discounts with three or more!
  • The list of invitees includes distinguished and emerging global executives, leaders, authors, big thinkers, academics, decision makers, and management consultants from the private and public sector (Fortune 1000 companies, small businesses, government organizations, higher education institutions, K-12 institutions, and nonprofit organizations).

If this Describes You or the Professionals You Want to Interact with, You Should Attend

  • You are a thought leader or strategic thinker committed to continually connect, engage, learn and share as part of your professional development!
  • You want to elevate yourself, your team and your organization.
  • Attendees titles include CEO, COO, CxO, President, VP, Director, Provost, Vice Chancellor, Faculty, Superintendent, Principal, Chief, Director, Manager, Account Executive, and several others in management and leadership.
  • Attendees are coming from all industries (corporations, small business, government, higher education, K-12 education, healthcare and nonprofit).

Key Benefits from Attending

  • Connect. Engage. Contribute. Learn. Attendees are those focused on providing and receiving high-quality learning and networking experiences. You will interact with and learn from the speakers as well as the accomplished attendees right next to you.
  • Foster a strategic mindset, form meaningful relationships and expand your network.
  • Experience engaging and participative learning, sharing, and networking which will elevate your ability to think and lead strategically!
  • The theme is “Own Your Power.” Attendees will leave with an understanding that they have the power, influence and ability to shape highly effective teams, to create the organizational cultures they want, and to improve organizational efficacy regarding service, profits, values, and outcomes.
  • The focus is on owning one’s power to lead, to change, to strategize, to listen, to learn, to share, to grow, to focus. You will be better prepared to elevate the expectations of themselves and take their teams, and their organizations to the next level!

This will be the most powerful and engaging networking and learning event of the year for decision makers, executives and leaders.

Add Your Voice to ARVoices! (accountability, results and value)

“A cadre of highly accomplished thinkers, researchers, practitioners and leaders.”

We put a laser focus on the challenges and issues that executives, decision makers and leaders care about, and we bring together the best thinkers, strategists, experts and speakers. And we do it all at the most reasonable costs for you. This is where you will get the greatest return on investment and return on intelligence. Period.

ARVoices represents a strategic leadership network with a goal to bring together the voices, expertise and talents of leaders across the globe and expand the leadership landscape through collaboration across all industries and disciplines. If you are a strategic leader and executive, you are invited to register for this event and share, learn and network with us!

The purpose is to increase the accountability, results and value for strategic leaders across a wide array of industries and to serve as a solid resource where executives, leaders (across all fields), scholars, consultants and practitioners can advance their own professional development and growth as well as interact and exchange ideas, information and expertise that contributes to the development and growth of other leaders.

ARVoices includes a cadre of highly accomplished thinkers, researchers, practitioners, executives and leaders who share refreshing and insightful methodologies, practices and strategies in areas such as leadership, change, organizational systems, performance, finance, ethics, human capital, economics, and organization development. Our focus is on alignment for organizational success across systems, people, services, cultures and profits. Our strategic leaders connect the dots and take into account the entire system. If you aren’t yet connected and collaborating with us, we invite you to join in and start expanding your own leadership landscape.

If you want to add your voice to ARVoices, register today. Summit attendees are from several countries across the globe!