Group Discounts for the Strategic Leadership Summit

Are you registering at least three (3) for the same Registration Plan? Go to the "Compare Plans" page and select the "Group Rate" pricing row for the Plan of your choice and get a $60 savings off the "Individual Rate" for every person in the group.

No discount code needed. Just select a quantity of at least three (3) from the Group Rate row and press "Register Now". You will add details for each person in the group on the next screen. Individuals don't need to work at the same company.

For group sizes larger than ten (10), call (800) 901-1680 or email info@arvoices.com.

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  • ARVoices is a professional organization and network for strategic leaders, executives, researchers, thought leaders, and practitioners!

  • ARVoices brings together the voices, expertise and talents of executives and leaders across the globe and expands the leadership landscape through collaboration across all industries and disciplines.

  • The purpose is to increase the accountability, results and value for strategic leaders. It is a solid resource where professionals (across all fields), consultants, and practitioners can advance their own professional development and growth as well as interact and exchange ideas, information and expertise that contributes to the development and growth of other leaders.

  • ARVoices includes a cadre of highly accomplished thinkers, researchers, practitioners, executives and leaders who share refreshing and insightful methodologies, practices and strategies in areas such as leadership, change, culture, organizational systems, performance, finance, ethics, human capital, economics, and organization development.

  • We strive for alignment and organizational success across systems, people, cultures, service and profits.

  • Network members lead, connect the dots and take into account the entire system with decision making.

  • We define strategic leadership as = Strategic Leadership extends beyond the role of leaders having and communicating a vision to fully understanding, thinking about, planning, and executing the necessary strategy to realize that vision. It involves exploring, deciphering, and interpreting the best leadership concepts for achieving organizational excellence, cultivating the organizational culture, anticipating and responding to change, and aligning organizational systems, processes, and people with enhanced services and increased profits.

  • When one is being "strategic" about it, he is focused on and considers the hard and soft side of the system and weighs the implications and consequences of all decisions and whether or not they impact and affect the ability to accomplish strategic outcomes. If you are doing this, connecting the dots and taking into account the entire system, you are demonstrating strategic leadership.

  • This Network falls under the auspices of ARVis Institute, an international management consulting and strategy firm. ARVis hosts the global summits and focuses on strategic leadership, management consulting, learning, and advisory solutions that help executives, leaders and organizations realize their visions and turn their strategic intentions into reality.